AL-LAD Blotter Paper


AL-LAD is an alkenated / alkylenated analogue of (6-nor-)LSD, Al lad for sale or differently put a ‘homologue’ of DMT, that has a slightly lower potency in practice and somewhat shorter duration of effects than LSD although it showed higher potency in theory.


AL-LAD Blotter Paper

AL-LAD is an alkenated / alkylenated linear of (6-nor-)LSD, Al lad for sale or dissimilarly called a ‘homologue’ of DMT. L-Lad has a relatively lesser effectiveness in terms of practicality and a bit shorter duration of effects compared to LSD whereas it demonstrated higher effectiveness in terms of theory.

AL-LAD came to the front after Alexander Shulgin painted the stuff in the book TIHKAL in his words, even though David Nichols and Albert Hofmann portrayed AL-LAD some 10 years ago that in a piece of writing. However, as of now,  there is no news that AL-LAD is saleable on the market.

Blotting paper is particularly popular in schools, as the manufacturers of exercise books add a loosely inserted sheet of blotting paper to almost every exercise book. In offices and government offices are still occasionally blotter roller or extinguishing weighing in use. The task of blotting paper is to absorb excess liquids such as ink or printing ink and to prevent undesired smudging. Due to the increased use of ballpoint pens and roller pens, especially in schools, or the direct use of electronic aids such as personal computers, the use of blotting paper is declining.

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Since it is not reckoned as an alkyl analogue, it stays clear from the UK drug analogue laws. In this preliminary phase of availability on the market, AL-LAD for sale is sharply earning prominence, featuring plenty of characteristics of LSD and several benefits of it, even though viewpoints and reactions invariably differ according to YMMV.

Until lately history of use in humans was quite incomplete, and even hopeful reports do not guarantee physical security. If it has remotely the therapeutic index LSD has it should be considered physically fairly safe, but has not yet been established. Al lsd paper, where to buy Al lad lsd

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