Pure Mescaline HCI



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Pure Mescaline HCI

Peyotes originate in the southern part of North America. In the dry desert, particularly along the Mexican / US border. Peyotes grow very slowly in the wild, and when they are about 17 years old they will start to produce enough mescaline.

It is forbidden to pick the Peyote button in wild. Peyotes are in jeopardy and should stay standing. Growing peyote itself is rather easy, and growing peyote relatively fast under the right conditions.

Beware of these
Peyote just needs a couple of drops of water every two to three weeks. They need no water at all in the wintertime (December to February) and no artificial light either. In this time, they won’t grow anyway.

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It is possible to eat and chew the peyote buds slowly. This is very difficult since the flavor of the peyote is very bitter. Another idea is for them to be cut and mixed with grapefruit juice. Another solution is to dry them and ground them into powder.

A capsule machine can then encapsulate this powder. It is often difficult to dose correctly when getting the fresh buttons as the quality of the active ingredient varies from cactus to cactus. Never take all of the keys at once. Take the first couple of cactuses and wait at least 45 minutes before taking another. Before you eat or process them, always remove the white fluff on the cactus.

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The Impacts
The trip will last between 5-24 hours, anywhere. So having the day and next day free from appointments is very necessary. The results can better be enjoyed in nature, where obstacles don’t obstruct the vision. So, the beach or big fields are the best habitats for the plains. In comparison to mushrooms, the forest is not the best place to get them.

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